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“I would recommend it to everyone. … We’ve prayed for so long for a cure for cancer, and this is the best thing to a cure, when you catch it in the early stages.” EarlyCDT®-Lung Survivor


We will be assisting you every step of the way.

Call 1-888-583-9030 to have a free EarlyCDT-Lung test kit mailed to your home or fill out the form above. After you place your order, a member of Client Services will contact you to discuss the testing process. The EarlyCDT-Lung test is covered by Medicare and private insurance. At this time, the test is only available in the United States.

Why Take the Test?

  • Ability for early detection
  • Accuracy over 90%
  • Simple, non-invasive blood test
  • Covered by insurance (Medicare and Private Health)
The EarlyCDT-Lung test kit is provided by Oncimmune, a certified laboratory that complies with all healthcare privacy regulations. The information we gather from you is strictly used to assist us in responding to your test kit request.

If you would like to contact a Client Services representative,
call: 1-888-583-9030
email: clientservices [@] oncimmune.com